Institute for Business Development Services

Talent Potential Elevation, Uplifting the Efficiency of Enterprises!

IBDS has been offering training to people (candidates or employees) who work for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Various business courses for vocational training are provided (designed) to the working force.  Educational cultivation has been given to a large number of middle and entry-level (junior level) managers. This contributes to their works (roles) and productivity uplifting. At the end, the candidates will have a good command of management knowledge and ability to work independently.

Project Consulting, Training Services and Courses

'Tailor Made' Corporate Consultation and Advisory Services

(special designed for business and customer)

  1. Business planning
  2. Markets and products
  3. Corporate and office management
  4. Production operations, information management
  5. Fundamental financial accounting and economic analysis
  6. Human resources planning and recruitment services
  7. Corporate culture establishment
  8. Writing Corporate rules and regulations; and codes of operation

In-house employee training programs

  1. Organizational behaviors of management
  2. Customer service and communication
  3. Sales techniques of retailing business
  4. Total quality assurance management
  5. Apparel merchandising and manufacturing
  6. Marketing
  7. Staff training
  8. Store operational management
  9. Recruitment of professional talents
  10. Human resources planning, employees code of conduct, standard operational procedure documentation
  11. Employee performance assessment, job analysis, evaluation and motivation

Career capability improvement services

This service aims to improve the employees’ capabilities, in face of job needs, who desire to have better personal career development in the workplace.

The scope of service includes:
1. To improve the management skills
2. Personal Behavioral skills improvement
3. Language proficiency training (English and Mandarin)
4. To improve “personal attributes”
5. Personal continuous learning program
6. Specialized task-skills training (on-job related projects)
7. Provide professional recruitment services (HKIC)

The service provides the one-on-one and group (three to four people) training. Enquiries are welcome.

Certification bodies (UK) and accredited courses

Certified Institutions (United Kingdom)

  • The Society of Business Practitioners (SBP)
  • The Managing & Marketing Sales Association Examination Board (MAMSA)
  • London Teacher Training College (LTTC)
  • City & Guilds (C&G)

1. Business administration management;
2. Psychology;
3. Human resources management;
4. Marketing and retailing management;
5. English for Business and academic writing

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